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December 2015

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SJSU update

Just got done with my Organizational Environment assignment. Not only was it my first piece of critical thinking put to writing in my grad school career, it is my first piece of serious academic thought in prose since I quit smoking. I have no idea where  par is different for a first year grad vs. a 4th year undergrad. I wish I had someone to ask stupid questions of, like "are there stupid questions in grad school or can I still ask anything and not be considered an amateur?". The discussion board seems like an open enough forum for basic questions, but everyone just seems to be more articulate than I am, with more life experience and big words.

I'm finding also that the online courses are more intensive and satisfying than those that meet on campus (meet is relative, we have 2 all day intensives per class per semester). The problem with the hybrid classes is they seem to be saving all the neat stuff for on-sight meetings, while ignoring things like mandatory discussion boards, narrated powerpoints and Elluminate, which make you feel like you're part of a team rather than a distance learner.



The one way I feel that I have a leg up is with the technology. It's facinating what you can do with people you will never meet online (I know that sounded dirty). There's things like the above applications, as well as Skype and other VOIP, RSS, blogs. I've never felt so comfortable and immersed in geekery.